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Country music artist and songwriter Mary Kutter has songs with over

100 million streams. She’s had songs recorded by different artists, placed in national commercials, hit movies, and television series. With over 100k followers on Tiktok, Mary’s fearless energy in her music is going viral and taking over the country music world.

Mary kutter music

Mary Kutter’s music is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon!

Go South

This high energy savage smash went viral on social platforms with thousands of fan videos using the song in their own videos. Knowing the power of music, Mary wrote this song as a pump-up jam as a reminder to girls everywhere to stand up for themselves against naysayers.

Mississippi Votes Blue

This tongue-in cheek song uses all 50 states to be the most savage “we are never getting back together” jam released yet. A viral sensation on social media, the song lists different things that will NEVER happen, saying that is when getting back together with the ex will happen.

Do Si Don’t

Described as the “theme song to enter your villain phase”, Do Si Don’t is filled with guitars and a chanting, sing-a-long vocal where yelling along the lyrics is inevitable

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Mary has 55 songs she’s written recorded by

various artists, reaching more than 50 million streams.

Some of her streaming hits include:

Never Leave

A single from Bailey's #1 country album "Leave the Light On", "Never Leave" is Mary’s first song to be played on Sirius XM The Highway Radio, and is a song about fighting through the hard times for the person you love. She wrote it with country star Bailey Zimmerman, Chris Sligh, Gavin Lucas, and Austin Shawn.

Taylor Swift

After writing this song with social media star Matt Cooper and Chris Sligh, a video of the song went viral, receiving over 4.3 million views on TikTok alone in 24 hours. An ode to Taylor Swift hits, the fun love song is one for all Swifties and country music fans alike.


Mary wrote this rock influenced country hit with Nate Smith, Brian Alexander, and Noah Lubert via zoom during the pandemic. The song tells Nate’s story and is a fan favorite on the road.

Move It

This song was placed in the #1 Trending Netflix Movie “Look Both Ways”, the United States Postal Service commercial, and on the hit streaming show, The L Word. Written with Anna Graceman, Brian Alexander, and Nick Seely, the song has been both a sync and streaming hit.

That’s What Love Is

Pulled in to help write a song for Alexandra Kay’s wedding, Mary wrote this with the TikTok star and her producer Andrew Capra. Upon release this track debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart and #3 all-genre.



Mailing Address: 100 Powell Place #1458

Nashville, TN 37204